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Terror fills daily lives of poor people in lower income communities | Los Angeles Civil Rights Attorney

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Los Angeles Civil Rights Attorney

Terror fills daily lives of poor people in lower income communities | Los Angeles Civil Rights Attorney

Justice Journals glimpses into the terror filled daily lives of many poor and minority youth in th

e Virginia Counties of King George, Spotsylvania, Stafford and Fredericksburg Virginia. Mostly Black and Latino residents are being targeted.

They allegedly are victimized by profiling and illegal and abuse of powers by the Gang Task Forces working in those counties. There are claims by residents of corruption and a lot of abuse that happens under the direction of Det Dembowski of the gang task force. He was the one of the Detectives, who according to the victim interrogated the 14 year old youth for an hour at her school in a room without any adults or parents being present or parents notified. County resident’s rights are routinely violated by the GTF and Gang classifications are thrown on anyone that doesn’t cooperate with the Detective or the Gang Task Forces wishes. This is what residents and some of their victims are alleging.

They are classifying youth and others as Gang members in order to prosecute them

for Gang related Crimes. They convict them of crimes where they were not even present in some cases. Forced to plea to crimes they did not commit because of intimidation by the Commonwealth attorneys and Law Enforcement (Gang Task Force).

Having their rights violated is a major complaint by the youth and adults living in the counties. Stories are circulating about the Gang Task Force doing Illegal and Warrant-less searches and other forceful Illegal Searches and seizures of personal property, Illegal Stop and searches, Illegal threats and intimidation against American citizens, Abuse of power by Law enforcement and the Judicial system (Commonwealth Attorneys).

Falsely charging innocent residents with countless, baseless criminal charges then lying under oath to obtain convictions. There are allegations that they do it with the assistance of the Commonwealth attorneys and the Judicial system including the public defenders. Residents are been subjected to humiliation and are causing mexican pharmacy online many to lose their homes, jobs and destroying their reputations.

Public Defenders are NOT defending poor and minority clients but simply urging them to take a Plea to bogus charges or face even Longer sentences when they convict them. Whether they are Guilty or not..

There are even reports of Law Enforcement (Gang Task Force officers) in the areas threatening citizens/youth with arrest and long jail time if they do not come to court and testify falsely against others. They face daily harassment and stress in their lives. This is reportedly what they face daily from the Gang Task Force in the Regions of Stafford County, King George County, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania Counties.

Terror fills daily lives of poor people in lower income communities | Los Angeles Civil Rights Attorney

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